Founded on December 1st 2012, this business has at heart to offer an alternative way of consuming for people who are concerned about the great humanitarian questions.

Whenever possible, the products offered at Ecothentik’s must answer one or more of these criteria :

  • They’re made out of industrial hemp;
  • They’re made from recycled material;
  • They’re made from recyclable material;
  • They’re made from renewable material;
  • They’re durable and/or reusable;
  • They’re stemming from organic agriculture;
  • They’re stemming from “fair trade” commerce or from humanitarian help;
  • They’re, ideally, made within a radius of less than 500kms of the store.

At Ecothentik, our efforts are constant in order to stay true to this mission.

Thank you for your support and also for supporting local artisans and makers!

“Our mission is to promote an array of eco-friendly, organic, authentic and fair trade products. In a general way, we aim to promote products that respect nature and people.”

Our Store


Located in the heart of downtown Quebec City, our shop will charm you with its many products and beautiful decor. You will find there many products that are not available in our online store, for certain number of reasons, including their uniqueness or their atypical dimensions. Among these products, there’s the famous “Baboumbox” the beautiful cutting boards made from reclaimed wood, paintings by local artists and many other products. Come to meet us! Maybe you’ll find more than one treasures!



True works of art, these vintage suitcases transformed into active speakers will not leave you indifferent. Each one is unique! Made from new and recycled parts, no compromises were tolerated on sound quality. They will surprise you with their acoustic “personality” and “character”, both rich and unique. They have a bluetooth antenna, allowing tablets, computers and phones to connect in seconds. With an amplifier of 50 or 100 watts, they will not disappoint you regarding power. With an amazing look and a sound of a surprising richness, they will soon become a “functional” element of the decor of your home. A great conversation piece!   Come to listen and bring your music!

These cutting or presentation boards are the result of a master craftsman at work. They will add character and taste to your kitchen, placed on the table or hung with the cauldrons. On top of being beautiful, they also have several qualities that make them even more interesting.


  • No stain was used; the colors that can be admired are the natural colors of the wood species used. The artisan blended exotics wood such as Purple Heart and Paduck with homegrown wood such as Walnut and Maple.
  • They are mostly made from reclaimed wood, for instance, wood that was deemed unfit for some industries. The veneer industry in particular has very high standards and wood that doesn’t meet these standards is, in most cases, destroyed. These boards are a perfect example that it is possible to be environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or beauty.
  • They are treated with wood finishing hemp oil. This all-natural and environmentally friendly oil is perfectly safe with food.
  • Each of the boards is unique! The artisan never makes the same board twice.